At Bright Career Solutions we have designed a 6 months PHP industrial training in Mohali, Chandigarh to turn you into a proficient web developer. After completing the course from our PHP institute in Mohali, Chandigarh you will be able to create efficient and effective web applications.

PHP Industrial Training

PHP is one major language, designed for web development services. PHP course is made suitable for all the students, willing to make career in this field of programming. Here, the professionals are willing to brush knowledge and even look for the salary hike. Bright Careers Solutions is your noteworthy firm, which aims to present the aspiring students with high end PHP based industrial training in Chandigarh. Right from theoretical presence to practical training, our PHP – PHP industrial training in Mohali & Chandigarh will cover it all.

This training course is going to feature the core knowledge and some industrial best practices, which will be perfect combination for making the PHO programming language skilled and proficient.

Objectives of PHP training courses:

Our PHP courses are noted to be dynamic in nature, thanks to the PHP scripting language. PHP happens to be not just easy to use but associated with a stable medium to ensure durability of the said website.

  • The PHP programming language comprises of HTML embedded codes, which you get to learn through the industrial training modules.
  • It is a cost effective program and mastering in this lot is easier through us. We help you to learn PHP programming, which is ideal for developing e-commerce sites.

Course modules to consider:

So, you are making plans to join us as your leading PHP institute in Mohali to get help in learning this affordable programming language. But first, let’s just learn a bit more about our programming course contents.

  • Introduction to PHP, its basis, installation program and syntax
  • Variables and Data type, data time function, PHP operators and expressions
  • MYSQL introduction, creating connection, tables and databases
  • MYSQL queries, SQL data types and more

If you have a niche to learn more about the PHP programming language and with ease, then you have come to the right spot. Join us for more details.

we'll one over 10 Years of experience you always the best guidance